Final Video Project

For our final project I shot my video on an Ipad. I used three different backgrounds to make sure my video had a nice even flow to it. In the video I talk about my academics and my possible future career. I discuss my goals in the workplace, and how I plan to achieve them. One major point in my video is discussing the skills I have gathered throughout this semester (Fall 19). I discuss this blogging website, my new photoshop and indesign skills, and my new website I am currently setting up using Adobe Dreamweaver.

Besides the Ipad, I also used a microphone that i attached on to the top of the Ipad. Right next to that I used a bright light during my darkest background to really make sure you can see me properly. I had a nice pair of headphones attached to the Ipad to make sure my sound quality was perfect. If I had forgotten those my sound would very likely have been muffled during the whole video. Lastly, I also used a tripod attached on the bottom of the Ipad. Without this I would not of been able to shoot.

I did not work with a partner on this project, however another student and I checked out an Ipad kit together and practiced setting it up, using it, and importing all of the video to a computer.

This was a very helpful project as I now know how to edit using premiere pro.

Screenshot of Premiere Pro Workspace

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