Final Video Project

For our final project I shot my video on an Ipad. I used three different backgrounds to make sure my video had a nice even flow to it. In the video I talk about my academics and my possible future career. I discuss my goals in the workplace, and how I plan to achieve them. One major point in my video is discussing the skills I have gathered throughout this semester (Fall 19). I discuss this blogging website, my new photoshop and indesign skills, and my new website I am currently setting up using Adobe Dreamweaver.

Besides the Ipad, I also used a microphone that i attached on to the top of the Ipad. Right next to that I used a bright light during my darkest background to really make sure you can see me properly. I had a nice pair of headphones attached to the Ipad to make sure my sound quality was perfect. If I had forgotten those my sound would very likely have been muffled during the whole video. Lastly, I also used a tripod attached on the bottom of the Ipad. Without this I would not of been able to shoot.

I did not work with a partner on this project, however another student and I checked out an Ipad kit together and practiced setting it up, using it, and importing all of the video to a computer.

This was a very helpful project as I now know how to edit using premiere pro.

Screenshot of Premiere Pro Workspace

SCSU Presidential Inauguration

On October 16th 2018, Dr. Robbyn R. Wacker was sworn in as Saint Cloud States 24th president. She is also making history by becoming the first woman to hold this position at the institute. I had the honor of seeing this historic inauguration in person. It truly was special to be there in person. This was a great and important day for Saint Cloud as it took another positive step forward into the future. And the future does look bright for Saint Cloud. I believe that this inauguration that kicked off the 150th anniversary of our institution is the crown jewel of what should be a historic week. The ceremony itself was very well done. The speakers were all very prestigious and had nothing but gracious words for Dr. Wacker. It was also the first time I had seen that auditorium full in a very long time. Dr. Wacker spoke with poise and intelligence, all great qualities for the president of a college. She was confident that positive changes were coming our way. While I am not familiar with past Saint Cloud State presidents, I am very confident that she will do everything in her power to be one of the best staff members this school has ever seen.

People are excited for this change, and she is unanimously considered a great choice for the position. I hope the university benefits greatly from Dr. Wacker’s wisdom. She truly embodies what this institution is all about. It would be awesome to see the school prosper in these next coming years under her tenure. It would show that the university made the correct choice.

Seeing someone succeed like Dr. Wacker’s is a very rewarding experience. It can really be life changing. This event has inspired me to be the best student and person I can be. It really made me want to go the extra mile in all of my classes and continue putting my best foot forward. Her speech was also about life itself. The challenges that we will face, and obstacles that we will have to go through to succeed in life. You can tell she truly cares for the school and the students in it. Hearing her say that gave me the confidence boost  I need to keep chugging along until the end of the semester.

Going to this event really felt like you were seeing something truly special. The historical value was there, a certain intensity, and an all around good vibe. This was a great way to kick off homecoming week and hopefully this week continues to have unforgettable moments just like Dr. Wacker’s inauguration.

October Baseball

October is my favorite time of year. Halloween has always been a personal favorite holiday of mine. The weather is almost perfect, and the new school year starts. There is one thing that tops all of that for me during this spooky month. That would be baseball. October is the best time of year to be a baseball fan. It is when the playoffs occur. Any sports fan would tell you that the playoffs in any sport usually produce most to all of the best games and moments of the year. It keeps you glued to the tv and can easily make anyone forget about the many stresses that life has to offer. When the stakes are raised the players are able to somehow channel that energy and raise their level of performance as well. The playoffs are viewed by millions of fans every year. This year is no different.

While we may not be in October yet, the playoffs are creeping up on everyones radar, players and fans alike. It is synonymous with the season of fall and the month of October.   The races for division leads and wild card spots are all integral parts of what makes this sport so special. For example, the powerhouse Los Angeles Dodgers lead the underdog Colorado Rockies by only half a game in the regular season standings. The St. Louis Cardinals are also in the race for the wild card spot. With a race that tight, all remaining regular season games matter immensely. While it may not be good for fans nerves or stomach, it is certainly good for the MLB. This is not the first time this has happened either. In fact, these intense races for the final playoff spots happen almost every year!

There is another aspect to October baseball besides intensity that make the playoffs so special. Baseball has always been a family sport. It almost seems as if you could pick any family in the United States and the oldest all the way down to the littlest of the family seem to enjoy the game of baseball. I can not even fathom just how many of us have at least one memory of going to the ballpark with our families. When the playoffs start this year I know I will be watching every game with my brother. I believe that the family aspect of the game has helped the game stay relevant in a world where things are changing at a rapid pace.

If any of you have not guessed by now, I am a big baseball fan. I know some of you may not like baseball or even sports in general. My hope is that this post has inspired you to give baseball a chance. Maybe it was the intensity that interested you. Maybe it was the quality time with family that interested you. Or maybe you just want to try something new. Whatever the case may be, it is my goal to influence at least a few people to try and get in on the fun of October baseball!


Watch this fun video of the all time home run king Barry Bonds hitting a home run in the world series!